Thesis Design Marc

The Thesis Design is a document describing the plan of the thesis and and how this plan will be implemented. This document sets out where the problem occurs and how it will be addressed.

The world is digitising today and both municipalities and governments are digitising along with it. This brings with it many new functionalities, although there are also groups that lag behind technological and digital progress. Another consequence is a digital gap that can be seen as a growing problem (Rhoades, Wenzel, Rice, Winetrobe, & Henwood, 2017; Roberson & Nardi, 2010; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2017). Interviews with the municipality and the report of the Vrije Universiteit in cooperation with OostWest have shown that the municipality has difficulties reaching certain target groups. One of the target groups that is difficult for the municipality of Amsterdam to reach is the group of very poor and homeless people, according to interviews. This group also indicated in interviews that they had difficulty finding useful information on the internet. In particular, it concerns information about food supplies, important addresses and telephone numbers and information about assistance offered, for example on legal or municipal issues. This group does not always have the same skills as an average internet user (Carvajal, Moreno, Sánchez-Segura, & Seffah, 2013), which brings new challenges in providing information digitally in a sustainable way. Because of the growing gap, the municipality has taken action to do something about it. For example by organising an event (PACT Amsterdam) to exchange knowledge and bring different parties together to address the problem. There are several challenges to discover and solve, because who are the people who are affected by this problem, and what do they actually want?

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