Taal Doet Meer

Thursday the 14th of April I had a meeting with Mariëlle van Rooij in the central library of Utrecht. Mariëlle is a language consultant of Taal Doet Meer (https://www.taaldoetmeer.nl/wat-doen-we/externe-trainingen/). Taal Doet Meer, with around 900 volunteers per year, ensures that non-native speakers of Utrecht can participate in Utrecht society. Learning the Dutch language is a common thread in our work. The organization has developed various instruments and training courses that are based on more than 25 years of experience in language courses. The instruments they have developed can be used for group and home lessons, but also for the personal development of professionals and volunteers.

Friday, tomorrow, 26-4-2019, I will join a language course hosted by Mariëlle. The class given by Mariëlle will be about Koningsdag. During the class I will participate in the class and get the opportunity to ask the target group of my research some relevant questions. I will discover the needs and requirements that my application should satisfy in order to useful. In the coming weeks I try to arrange more meetings with the target group. Based on alle these meetings I will create a prototype of the application which I will test in further sessions.

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