Meeting with the municipality of The Hague

With the presentation in front of Anna Bon and other stakeholders we (Marc and Bandro) completed our master projects. However, we all agreed that our application is very promising and the project should be continued. The service can be found on and is ready to use. Spread the word! Also, if you find any erroneous information or you would like to get in contact with us for any other reason, please use the comment section on our homepage.
That way the municipality of The Hague approached us and asked for a meeting a few weeks ago. We accepted the invitation and traveled to The Hague in order to discuss a potential collaboration. Together with three representatives from the municipality we ascertained that there certainly is a need for a service like ours in the city of The Hague.
Besides organisational questions like ownership and proof of concept, we also brainstormed how to incorporate our application into already existing projects of the municipality.
It was an interesting and informative meeting that both gave insight into the project development in a municipality and also approved of the significance of our application. Future steps will comprise on the one hand a second meeting with the municipality to exchange ideas and clarify everyone’s expectations. After that we will schedule an appointment at Sant’Egidio to evaluate our application in a final test session.

We are happy and proud to see that our work acquired vogue. This meeting may lay the foundation of a considerable expansion of the whole project.

Marc and Bandro

City hall of the municipality in The Hague

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