Digi Challenge #2

Yesterday, the 6th of December we went to Digi Challenge #2, an event organised by PACT Amsterdam. The event was about the digital inclusion of citizens in the city of Amsterdam. It was about how to counteract this growing problem.

There was a high attendance, mainly from the social work area. During the event it was decided to follow a workshop about reaching the target group. By discussing with people from the UWV and others, it became clear that the target group is very diverse and also requires a very diverse approach. This is certainly a very big challenge. The approach to the problem is still in its infancy, which brings with it the challenge of important decisions. Should we try to reach the people through devices they might already own such as mobile phones or are the computer courses that are already being given in different places in the city a more effective approach?

We have also been able to listen to interesting guest speakers, such as futurologist Wim de Ridder, alderman Marjolein Moorman and “Mayor of the Digital City” Marleen Stikker.

Marleen Stikker is behind waag technology & society which allows people from all kinds of groups to come into contact with technology in the broadest sense of the word at various places in the city.

On this introduction day with the domain it became clear that there are several urgent problems to be solved, which for us can result in a very challenging project.

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