Meeting with the municipality of The Hague

With the presentation in front of Anna Bon and other stakeholders we (Marc and Bandro) completed our master projects. However, we all agreed that our application is very promising and the project should be continued. The service can be found on and is ready to use. Spread the word! Also, if you find any …

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The first UI test session


Last Tuesday it was time for the first UI test session of the application being developed to supply valuable information to the homeless. Based on the information being gathered so far three possible UI design for the homepage were developed. These were shown to a group of homeless people at Saint Egidio in Amsterdam during …

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Helping at Sant’Egidio

Sant'Egidio Amsterdam where the food is served

On Tuesday the 23th of January Bandro and I went to Sant’Egidio at Waterlooplein in Amsterdam. Sant’Egidio is a global Christian community that is engaged in various charity work. Every Tuesday a group of volunteers serves a three-course meal to homeless people, very poor people, refugees and others. In principle, anyone can join without identifying …

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